Safer Surfaces

- Tubs
- Tile
- Brick
- Stone
- Concrete

Why Slip-Free Solutions

Check out this video to learn more about preventing Slip and Fall accidents.

About Us

Slips and Falls Effect Millions Each Year

Each year millions of people suffer a slip and fall injury.  The results and can be anything from hurt pride to a hospital stay and unfortunately even death.  Our mission is to help businesses, organizations and homeowners  increase floor safety by eliminating those slippery areas that most often cause those falls.

Slips and Falls Are Bad For Everyone

As a business, slips and falls can cost you in lost employee productivity.  And if a customer or visitor falls it can be even worse.

As a homeowner slips and falls can be anything from an irritating distraction to a serious event that can land you or someone you care about in the hospital.

We Can Help Solve Your Problem

At Slip-Free Solutions we work with you to help make your home or business as safe from slips and falls as it can be.  Using the best products and installation techniques we'll put our systems to work for you.  No matter if it's one bathroom or a chain of hotels.

Surfaces We Treat

Ceramic Tile

We can add traction to ceramic tiles without changing their appearance

Marble Flooring

Mable floors can be treated to add traction when wet

Vinyl Flooring

Concrete - Stained, Polished or Natural

Bathtubs - Both Porcelain and Acrylic

And Many Other Surfaces!

Swimming Pool Decks - Concrete, Tile or Wood

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Slip-Free Solutions

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